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about the author

Latonya Stewart

Latonya Stewart is a brave soul who fought bravely with her disease and found the way back to rise and shine again. By profession, she was a model from 1992 to 2017 and got to work with some big names. Because of her business education background currently, she is serving her financial services to many businesses as an accountant. She is a loving soul who may be become physically disabled because of her disease, but she finds her way back, and to inspire others, she pens down the long journey of her disease in the book “Still I Rise.”

Reading Benefits

Get Skills and Knowledge

Highlighting how your life can change in one day after the diagnosis of disease unexpectedly
Latonya illuminates how she makes her weakest moment the most strength-giving period.
How your reality of life can change 360 & how can your priorities turn upside down?
Visualizing her battle to inspire and encourage other people suffering from the same disease
Bringing in the spotlight how the presence of friends & family inspires her to fight diabetes heroically.
Emphasizing how Even in the darkest days, she dreams of the brightest morning
Pointing out the trials and miseries one can face while battling the Type 1 diabetes
Believe in God, push her to keep faith in her dream of living a normal life one day again.

Happy Readers

Survival is not hard if you want. This book is a source of motivation for those who want to strike back in their lives but lose their will because of some illness. In this book, Latonya beautifully writes down the struggle and effort she put in to regain her strength.

See the light

See the light

This book is a must-read if you need the inspiration to encounter your illness journey bravely in your hard times.

True Inspiration

True Inspiration

One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I struggle with type 1 diabetes and haven’t felt like myself lately. But this book helped me feel like I could overcome it.

Highly Motivational

Highly Motivational

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The book “Still I rise” depicts the struggle of a girl diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and how fearlessly she tackles her disease.

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